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Preparing Alice for Cruising

3,5 years ago we bought Alice because I loved her unusual lines and tons of personality. Also the cost/kg was very good. We wanted a large, cheap and unusual boat and she fit the bill perfectly. However due to the low cost there was a lot to do. To keep track of renovations and cost I used a simplified KANBAN board, this is what it looks right now. All the post on the right are finished jobs. Using a KANBAN board is so simple, when we got Alise we just sat down and wrote everything we could think of on post its and put them on the left "ToDo" side. Then as time went by we added new post its and moved the existing ones to the right side. Its not exactly rocket science but it takes almost no time and gave me and my wife a rough idea of what was done and what was left to do. That's around 70 different jobs ranging from a few hours to weeks of work. The total cost for the renovation was around 20000€ and Alice cost 32000€ so around 50000€ in total. In fairness I have proba