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Deep in the Caribbean

 Deep in the Caribbean Since Christmas we have been cruising the Caribbean and stopped everywhere. This is actually our third seasons in the Caribbean, we did 2 seasons there on our last circ umnavigation, but we are still finding a lot of new places and things. Instead of the normal chronological stuff I'll just post some random things here. One thing that gives me a lot of pleasure is lobstering. On our last circumnavigation I just caught a few lobsters but now I'm the terror of the crustacean population. :D Lobster BBQ Look at that BEAST! (the lobster is nice too) Champagne bottle for scale  In the Grenadines the girls found the tortoise island (Baliceaux) and started a farm.  Collecting the livestock Managing the farm We visited some nice beaches. This is the girls looking at some wild horses that lived on the beach in Barbuda. How is that for Paradise!?! Only wild animals in this picture In Cuba the girls finally realised a life long dream of riding in a pink car. PIIINK!