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From Bob Marley to Paul Gauguin

  Yo mon! In the last couple of months we have sailed from Bob Marley in Jamaica all the way to Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific. As usual there have been ups and downs but things keeps getting better and better and now here in the middle of the Pacific it feels quite amazing! The water is full of fish, we trade old ropes for fruits with the locals. There is almost no shopping or people in general. The girls right below the Bob Marley statue in Kingston, Jamaica. We didn't go into the museum due to cost and the general tourist trap feeling. We also noticed a funny thing about Jamaica. We heard no reggae anywhere! All over the Caribbean we have enjoyed the reggae but when we come to the homeland of reggae they seems to have tired of it. On the other hand euro disco like Ace of Base still seemed to be in fashion.  I found this in a Jamaican supermarket. Here they have no pretence of fancy wine. Instead you can enjoy this lovely 3,4L plastic jug of "B