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Stone age

There is something about French polynesia that most tourists that fly here will never experience. The stone age lifestyle. If you need shelter you find it yourself (often a secluded anchorage in a deserted bay). If you need food you collect it yourself (like coconuts or fish).  If your child falls and knocks out a tooth you... go to the dentist that's bound to be anchored close. The stone age might feel great but when my child hurts herself it's great to have a doctor or two nearby.  So why am I talking about doctors today? It's because they are all here, I take a wild guess that about 25% of the boats we meet have at least one doctor onboard.  Compared to the general doctor per inhabitant ratio in EU which is roughly 1 doctor per 1000 inhabitants   When My knocked out a tooth we didn't just go to our 2 doctor friends. No we looked a little bit more in the anchorage. There were 8 boats so of course we found a dental surgeon (no mere dentist for us) that could help My. C