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No Christmas on Christmas Island

 My last post was from Tahiti since then we have had some good times and some awsome times! We started of with visiting many islands in the Sociaty island group, thats the same group of islands around Tahiti and its very touristy, a bit like comin g back to the Carribean. Naturaly nature is a bit less intesesting and a bit more poluted. Despite this we somehow managed to entertain ourselfs. Typical resort, this is probably from Morea maybe? They all look the same... Halloween was celebrated with a pumpkin on the compass. The rays are kind of tame in some places due to the resorts feeding them. While it's not exactly natural behavior for the rays it's great fun to feed them small pieces of anchovies. My is showing off her French swimming suits and matching limp baguette. The last island in the group we visited was Bora Bora, it's often found on lists of the world's most beautiful places but is a bit over-exploited for me. Anyway I managed to get Covid for the first time