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Into the Indian ocean

 Good midday to you dear reader As usual Im blogging on the navigation table in Alice. Outside I can hear the prayer being called from the local Minaret and it's not a million degrees inside as I'm used to now. We arrived in Indonesia a month ago and have been enjoying fresh vegetables and great internet since. The waters are dark, dirty and full of fishermen but the biological diversity is shocking. I see new species of fish and coral all the time. While we miss the pristine crystal clear waters of the pacific its nice to be back in civilization again with cheap and good food and other yachtis to meet.  Now over to my normal section of pictures of stuff that we have done since the last blog post. In the Marshall Islands we found the skeleton of a stranded humpback whale. This is the head (if you look at my shadow in the picture you get an idea of the size) The tracks from large turtles coming up on the beach to lay eggs. Mmmm guess who is having frash Mantis shrimp for dinner?