Stone age

There is something about French polynesia that most tourists that fly here will never experience. The stone age lifestyle. If you need shelter you find it yourself (often a secluded anchorage in a deserted bay). If you need food you collect it yourself (like coconuts or fish). 

If your child falls and knocks out a tooth you...
go to the dentist that's bound to be anchored close. The stone age might feel great but when my child hurts herself it's great to have a doctor or two nearby. 
So why am I talking about doctors today? It's because they are all here, I take a wild guess that about 25% of the boats we meet have at least one doctor onboard. Compared to the general doctor per inhabitant ratio in EU which is roughly 1 doctor per 1000 inhabitants 
When My knocked out a tooth we didn't just go to our 2 doctor friends. No we looked a little bit more in the anchorage. There were 8 boats so of course we found a dental surgeon (no mere dentist for us) that could help My. Crazy! Anyway there were no complications ast all. phuuu.
I guess all the doctors are taking a major break from Corona and they probably deserve it.

French polynesia is by far the best place we visited so far. The drama and rugged beauty of the Marguesas group and the beach paradise atolls in the Tuamotus blows me away.

It makes the caribbean seems like midsummer in Visby. There are so few tourists and people in generall living here. Out in the small villages on the ilands a lot of the locals spend their time collection food.  

More images:

The vegetation gets a bit intense sometimes

Coconut palms are usefull in many ways

A coconut crab, the largest landliving crab.

Fish and mash. The girls love deep fried reef fish like parrot, goat or emperor fish. 

Yes its completely normal that one of my claws is pink and eeeenormous. 

Hermit crabs galore. They are atracted to some open coconuts.

Stone age day 107, the girls are learning to spear fish in the lagoon

The snake in paradise or rather the stonefish on the reef. If you step on this you can die. 

The girls eating spider conch sashimi. Yes that IS a raw sea snail and they love it.

The girls halping me gut todays lunch. However they got distracted by a sea gull that had eaten so much fish guts it could no longer fly. 

At the end of the path.. a waterfall. Lots and lots of waterfalls around here. For a salty sailor its great with a good freshwater shower every now and then.

Mommy teaching daugther how to surf on Tahiti

Tahiti beachline

3 girls hanging out with their friend Peter who, I believe, is discussing the merits of using his wiener as fish bait. That guy rocks!

Now Halloween is approaching and we are getting ready to leave French polynesia to sail to Kiribati. Morte about that in a couple of months. 


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