Into the Indian ocean

 Good midday to you dear reader

As usual Im blogging on the navigation table in Alice. Outside I can hear the prayer being called from the local Minaret and it's not a million degrees inside as I'm used to now. We arrived in Indonesia a month ago and have been enjoying fresh vegetables and great internet since. The waters are dark, dirty and full of fishermen but the biological diversity is shocking. I see new species of fish and coral all the time. While we miss the pristine crystal clear waters of the pacific its nice to be back in civilization again with cheap and good food and other yachtis to meet. 

Now over to my normal section of pictures of stuff that we have done since the last blog post.

In the Marshall Islands we found the skeleton of a stranded humpback whale. This is the head (if you look at my shadow in the picture you get an idea of the size)

The tracks from large turtles coming up on the beach to lay eggs.

Mmmm guess who is having frash Mantis shrimp for dinner? Not the rest of the family that's for sure because they didnt like the weird insect like shrimps. Tasted exactly like lobster.

We took Alice thru a small canal in the jungle, it was a tight fit but we made it.

The girls posing in the mouth of a bat cave. Later on we explored deeper inside the cave and got pooped on by bats. Lesson learned - always bring an umbrella to bat caves.

A tempel in Micronesia. Its a fairly large stone structure and the larges ruin we seen in the pacific.

if you drive your dinghy right into shap oysters on the pier this happens. The whole was only 5cm long and just took three attempts to patch, no harm done.

On Bikini there are tons of material just abandoned. Ask my daughter if she had fun with the nail gun ammo we found. 

Ahhh yes bikini, home of a lot of nuclear tests in the fifties. Now its mainly clean. The island also had the clearest water I have even seen, I could see our anchor at the end 60m chain.

Fish fish always fish. This is a mahi mahi I'm halfway theu filleting. The picture isn't great but the colors are pretty. Since we only have a small fridge on board and the supermarkets are months apart sometimes we catch and eat a lot of fresh fish. The kids love deep fried nuggets and I love Sushi. 

The children preaching a sulfurious sermon in the local chapter on an abandoned island.

On the uninhabited islands you can usually find lots of birds and chicks. This is a young boobie chick. The parents are pretty self interested and abandos the chicks as soon as they see a human and just fly away and don't harass anyone like a Swedish seagull would. Terrible parents!

Right now the kids are having a swim in a freshwater cave while I'm stuck here in front of the keyboard.

Last but not least: How about that view? Its from Raja Ampat in indonesia.

Byyeee! Oh almost forgot, If you are Swedish speaking you might enjoy our pod called "Andra varvet", you can find it where you normally get your pods etc etc.


  1. This is incredible, I can't wait to see the next update. Safe travels!


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